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Pathways Program

If you have ever wanted to help make a difference by becoming a volunteer or fulfilling your teacher/professional placement
requirements overseas, Nepal could be your ideal destination. The Pathways Program is our volunteer and placement program
for connecting dedicated people from around the world to schools and communities in Nepal.

Volunteer in Nepal

The Logged On Foundation offers a number of volunteer placements in Nepal every year. So if you have a break, you are a pre-service teacher wanting to fulfil placement requirements, or are an independent traveller wanting to do more than just sight-seeing, please keep reading below.

We have built close relationships with local communities and understand how some of their needs could be filled with the help of volunteers. Together we have created opportunities for volunteers from around the world to help build local knowledge and work in education.

Why not immerse yourself in vibrant community life and culture as you volunteer in Nepal and live among local people? You’ll be contributing to a community while gaining hands-on experience relating to your field of study or interest area. We will work with you to find a project that meets your skills and experience.

Located way up high in the Himalayas, Nepal is a tiny landlocked country full of people with big hearts and smiles. Home to 8 out of 10 of the world’s highest peaks in the world including Mt Everest, it is nestled between India and Tibet. From the high mountains peaks, it stretches down through rich subtropical forest and hillside to the flat terrain region of marshy grasslands, savannahs, and forests located south of the outer foothills of the Himalayas. All those amazing environs are just waiting for you to explore, whether by hiking, white water rafting or paragliding, or perhaps you want to enjoy any number of activities that Nepal has to offer.

Nepal MapNepal’s cultural landscape is as diverse as its physical one. Its peoples belong to a host of ethnic groups. They live in everything from dense, ancient cities dotted with pagoda-roofed Hindu temples to villages perched among sweeping rice-farming terraces and clustered around tiny Buddhist monasteries.

Experience a simpler way of life by living with local families who rely on their own crop to provide most of their food. Walk to your placement each day and teach English to a classroom of Nepali children, help with project implementation and community training programs, or sit back with locals and learn about the trials and tribulations of living the rural life in the Himalayas.

Why choose us?

We are a not-for-profit organisation that exists to serve communities in Nepal. We believe in the power of education and run a number of initiatives that focus on helping children accesses a quality education. We understand that to make an impact in education you need a holistic approach.

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    About Us

    We run a number of initiatives including technology based education programs, teacher training, volunteer placements, and a student scholarship program. We have brought volunteer teachers from around the world to work beside local teachers since 2011. We facilitated training and professional development courses for teachers and have recently commenced building and infrastructure development program for schools and community groups.

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    Importance of volunteers

    Volunteers not only help improve education outcomes of children by working directly with them in the classroom, volunteers contribute to the important work of building capacity amongst local teachers and members of the community. When volunteers work with children, we look at ways of integrating their efforts with teacher training so that the positive impact continues long after volunteers have departed. Volunteers also help to define and set standards across core developments areas so that communities can benefit for the long term.

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    Our difference

    Our Program is aimed at making a long-term positive impact:

    • There is a strong community consultation and impact assessment process to ensure the Program is having a positive effect.
    • We ONLY seek suitably qualified people that have the qualifications and abilities that will allow them to succeed.
    • The outcomes and collective experiences of volunteers are being used to build a knowledge base in order to provide a reference point for new volunteers.
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    Local impact

  • My Volunteer Experience


    In getting chosen for the opportunity to teach English in a Nepalese school I felt extremely lucky, upon return I felt luckier still. The opportunity I was given was the best possible professional experience I could be granted, it was challenging but it also made me aware of all aspects involved in a schools functioning, as well as the aspects of teaching in great detail.

    To have the chance to be immersed in another culture and country on top of everything else is icing on top of an already awesome cake!

    --- Erin Schulz RMIT University


'We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.'
Winston Churchill





Professional experience is at the very heart of many international development and teacher education programs. Students are placed into a real-life professional setting, allowing them to practice what they have learnt during their studies and to further develop skills and confidence as a professional.

Teacher training institutions have a focus on preparing pre-service teachers for the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse school systems. In Australia, for example, cultural diversity is evident in many schools with around 45% of the population being born, or have at least one parent born, overseas from one of over 200 countries.

Our Program has provided unique opportunities for individuals to develop greater skills and abilities in working with diversity.

  • Ideal for professional placement, professional experience, teaching practice or field experience programs.
  • Preparing pre-service teachers to become culturally competent and Asia literate.
  • Our local supervisor provide support and will help ensure your experience and teaching impact is a positive one.


If you have just finished your studies or taking a break for a while and have skills that you think you can share, why not apply to be part of the Pathways Program?

University students can make a worthwhile and lasting contribution to communities in rural Nepal. We provide the project, structure and support and students provide the passion to make it happen.

As a volunteer, you can develop personal and professional skills that can come from being in a program where you step out of your comfort zone, are completely immersed in a different cultural and linguistic environment, and are challenged personally and professionally. You also have the opportunity to reflect on your biases and preconceived notions and develop strengths that will help you to face life challenges.

  • Ideal for students who are near or have completed their studies.
  • Teachers, engineers, computer science majors, health professionals and international development students.
  • If you feel you have something to contribute, contact us and we can discuss special projects to meet your needs and the needs of the local community.


We are always interested in applications from qualified individuals who have had a number of years experience working in their field.

Our volunteer program not only focuses on the education of children, we work in building capacity amongst local teachers and members of the community.

When volunteers work with children, we look at ways of integrating their efforts with teacher training so the potential for improving the education outcomes of children continues long after volunteers have departed.

We are seeking a diverse range of professionals that can build capacity of members of communities in areas such as off-grid power supplies, building standards, teaching English, coaching sport, working in women’s empowerment groups, community health and rehabilitation, and project management.

  • Professional teachers to help design and deliver local teacher professional development programs.
  • Tradespeople and engineers to work on best practice, ICT maintenance, electrical protection and off-grid power sources.
  • Technical training on the use and troubleshooting issues with computer and digital technologies.
  • Building and construction specialists to help with our new school construction program.
  • Technical specialists that can come up with solutions using technology in challenging environments.


Postgraduate and professional researchers are welcome to join us in tackling some challenging issues in education and community development.

We have been monitoring our programs over the years and the changes in the educational environment in Nepal and we have a number of areas that we think are worthy of a PhD or Masters project, or professional researcher involvement.

Please contact us to discuss potential projects. We are able to set you in the right direction and with strong local community support to get you on your way quickly.

  • Government and international policies and the realities of implementation 'on the ground'.
  • The trials and tribulations of ICTs in education.
  • Issues relating to migration, gender and marginalised communities.
  • Impact of foriegn influence on local development and tourism.
  • Appropriate us of technology in rural areas.
  • Teacher training and professional development.
  • Best practice and realistic pathways for building skills in the community.


We conduct a number of tours and expeditions to conduct research and impact assessments for our projects. We are more than happy to include interested institutions and individuals who want to be part of that process.

We have also crafted cultural tours for universities and for people who are interested in travelling to Nepal for specific purposes.

If you have an interest in helping our development objectives or would like specialist input into constructing a package that meets your needs or the needs of your program, please contact us.

For our latest expedition, please visit LOGGED ON EXPEDITIONS

  • Cultural tours for university and school groups.
  • Individuals who want to join us on our monitoring and assessment visits.
  • Special tours that connect you to socio-cultural issues and how solutions are being developed on the ground.